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Back to the Bricks Events 04/30/23

May 9, 2023

Calling all Corvette Owners

As you all know 2023 is a very special year

It’s the 70th Birthday of Corvette

This year there will be several special events celebrating the Birthday of our beloved Corvette.

The Back to the Bricks Org has put together 2 special events

On Sunday May 21st we have the Annual DUST EM OFF held at Dort Financial Center off Lapeer Road. At this event we will have the Corvette Coral; it can hold approx. 170 vettes in the south parking lot off Lapeer road.

On Friday June 30th is the actual 70th Birthday. This event will be held at the old GM Office Complex on Hill Road. This location will become the new Heritage Center. At this event we will have a Special Section for approx. 500 Corvette parking. This will be a very special event.

For both of these events you need to pre-register on the Back to the Bricks web site. There is no COST to register or come to either event. You will be sent a QR code. There will be a free tee shirt at the Dort show and more surprises.

Both events will be open to any and all vehicles. Again please pre-register on the Back to the Bricks website very soon.  More details of both events are on the Bricks website.  Hope to see you all there. Thanks for joining us at these special events, Gary Drago

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