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Secretary January Report for 2024

February 12, 2024


Secretary’s Report

January 9, 2024


Meeting called to order at 7 pm.


26 members in attendance:

Elaine Moore Mary Hall Bob Hall Cheryl Harder Doug Harder Dave Fulks
Chris Penzer Bill Penzer Katie Beldyga Ralph Sanford Jim Jones Donna Janos
Mike Lysher Julie Pepper Tom Horton Michaelle Kellermeyer Danny Kellermeyer Craig Palmer
Gary Drago Jill Bailey Bill Hawes Kirsten Hawes Mary Wentzel Bruce Wentzel
Gail Pastue Barb Harris        


President Report (Tom Horton):

  1. Tom welcomed Elaine Moore back.
  2. Tom reported he passed out FCC membership cards before the meeting.
  3. Tom noted that Danny Kellermeyer before meeting passed out Bowman 20% discount card and a goodie bag to members.
  4. Tome let members know if any of them have ideas for the club to do please notify him. If it is a social event please notify JoAnn Horton and if they have people interested in joining our club notify Barb Harris.
  5. Tom asked club if any ideas for volunteer work. Someone suggested working at the Foodbank again. Bob and Mary Hall will contact FBEM and get information.
  6. Tom notified us that the first Autocross is April 30 in case anyone is interested in going.

Governor Report (Bob Hall): Bob reported

  1. Checked the club PO box, we had contribution receipts from Old Newsboys of Flint and Food Bank of Eastern Michigan. In addition, donation requests from the Food Bank and Habitat for Humanity.
  2. Diane Watson, CCM member, had a stroke. She had surgery to reduce swelling in her brain and is in ICU at Beaumont Hospital. Please keep her in your prayers.
  3. Membership card mailing should start late in January. Folder will have a black C8 on green grass. Please do not throw out the mailer thinking it’s advertisement
  4. On Saturday, May 4, 2024 the Michigan Region will host a timing training day for club members that plan on hosting a low speed autocross event
  5. On Sunday, May 5, 2024, CCC will host a MI Region rookie driving school. Details to follow.
  6. MI Region Banquet will be held at the Lingenfelter Collection in Brighton, MI. A date has not been confirmed but a Saturday in early to middle March looks likely.
  7. The 65th NCCC convention is scheduled for May 13th-19th 2024, at Joplin, MO. Registration is set to open February 1st.
  8. The 66th NCCC convention has not yet be announced but maybe in the Wisconsin Dells for 2025.
  9. First Michigan Region meeting for 2024 is scheduled for February 20th.

Secretary Report (Mary Hall):  None

Treasurer Report (Donna Janos):

  1. Donna read the balance in the account.
  2. Dave Fulks and Jill Bailey volunteered to do the audit of 2023 books.

Membership Report (Barb Harris): Barb reported the following:

  1. Both FCC & NCC membership for 2024 are at 64 dues paying members. As of January 1st, the membership has dropped from 77 in 2023 to 64 in 2024.  The members who did not renew in 2024 are Tom & Margaret Balanowski, Rod Pepper, David Yaeger, John Cribari, Bradley Perry, Connie Esposito, Fred & Lauraine Andolora, Ron & Cheryl Gelisse and Dave & Crystal Kunz.  FCC has lost 13 members in one year.
  2. December Birthdays: 2nd: Craig Palmer , 6th: Al Wesolowski & Madeline Palmer, 16th: Rod Pepper, 20th: Sharon Fast, 25th: Jim Schoenfield
  3. January Birthdays: 1st: Jill Bailey, 17th: Donna Janos, 19th: Gail Pastue, 26th: John Thompson
  4. December Wedding Anniversaries: None
  5. FCC Membership Celebrations December: Craig & Madeline Palmer 6 years Demi & Jerry Thornton 4 years
  6. FCC Membership Celebrations January: Bill & Kirsten Hawes 55 years  Jim & Diane Jones 55 years  Jill Bailey 2 years  Rich & Jill Kruyer 1 year


PR Report (Gary Drago):

  1. Gary showed members the plaque to be presented to The Legends in appreciation of their continuous support for our car club which will be presented to the manager later in the meeting.
  2. Chrome & Ice Feb. 9 -11 Theme is Shake, Rattle & Roll—a tribute to the 50’s. Registration is looking for cars from the 50’s and 60’s. VIP experience Friday night from 7- 10 pm.  300 tickets available at cost of $ 45 includes dinner and the car show.  Donna Janos added that the Sloan Auto Fair is having a booth at Chrome & Ice. They need volunteers Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  It will be 3 hour shifts of 2 people.  If you want to volunteer click this link and sign up.  Benefit is that you get into Chrome & Ice free


Competition Report ():

Social Director Report (JoAnn Horton):  Tom reported JoAnn is working on 3 car shows for us to participate in.  The dates will be announced in the future.

Webmaster Report (Gary Drago): None

M@L (Dave Fulks and Cheryl Harder): None

NCM Report ():


Committee Reports:

Sloan (Donna Janos): Donna said we will be participating in the Sloan Auto Fair.  She will have a sign-up sheet later this year.   Dates of the Auto Fair are Jun 22 -23.

Corvette Reunion (Gary Drago): None

Sponsor (Danny Kellermeyer):  Danny showed us what was in each goodie bag from Bowman.  The sponsor check should be here by next meeting

Scholarship Report (Joann Horton): Tom asked us to think about ideas for fundraisers for the scholarship fund. We will discuss at February meeting.

Club Merchandise (on FCC website)


Old Business

  1. Salvation Army Bell Ringing: Tom thanked all the members that rang the bell for Salvation Army.  Gary reported: In the kettle we collected $ 670 (included in the kettle was cash and check donations from individual members of FCC) FCC gave $ 250 and Gary Drago gave $ 250.  Total  collected for Salvation Army was $ 1170.
  2. By-laws Committee: Gary reported that meetings for this committee will be at his business on Saturdays at 10 am. First meeting still to be determined.



New Business


  1. Bob and Mary suggested for one of our events go to Empty Bowl event at FBEM in September.  Cost and date are yet to be determined.
  2. Jill Bailey suggested to participate in the Channel 12 Diaper Drive. The date has yet to be determined.
  3. Gary let us know that the family -owned motel The Lamplighter has blocked off 7 rooms for FCC the weekend of the Crossroads. Show itself is Saturday August 24.  We book rooms for Friday night and Saturday night. The rates at Lamplighter are cheaper than other hotels in the area.  Call to make a reservation.
  4. Donna let us know that the FCC trailer has a leak. There was a discussion whether to sell or donate the trailer.  A motion was made by Barb Harris and seconded by Julie Pepper to sell the trailer.  Motion carried.  Price yet to be determined.  It will be discussed at the February meeting.
  5. Barb Harris suggested that we need to do a fundraiser to boost our funds in our Treasury. Putting on a car show was suggested.  Discussion followed.  Several members—Cheryl Harder and Ralph Sanford expressed an interest in helping put a car show on.  Doing a car show was tabled and will be discussed at the February meeting.
  6. Gary presented the plaque of appreciation to the manager of The Legends


Motion made by Kirsten Hawes and seconded by Dave Fulks to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried


Meeting adjourned at 8 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Mary Hall




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