Chevrolet is shunned from GM Motorama

1953 was the first year the Corvette was produced, originally envisioned by Harley Earl, the Corvette was Chevy’s first entrance in the 1953 GM Motorama. The GM Motorama was GM’s “dream car” show and had been used in the past to showcase the new Cadillacs, Oldsmobiles, Pontiacs and Buick. Chevrolet had been shunned from the show because it was perceived as a car for the masses and didn’t need a show. Earl had decided that the Corvette could be built using parts from existing passenger cars. It was decided that the Motorama car would be built from fiberglass because of the ease of manufacture and the production car would be built from steel. Originally the Corvette was to be a 1954 model, because of the popularity at the Motorama show it was decided to start production early.